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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

One of the things that we both agreed on when traveling is that we wanted to pick up fishing. It's not exactly like riding a bicycle: Fishing is something that we both did when we were young with our grandfathers but as we got older we sat it to the side. We got a couple of KastKing BlackHawk II collapsible rods, making it easier to bring them with us in traveling. Don't scoff even though these rods are collapsible they are very decent rods! More than decent: they are geared for lighter fish but it can easily catch anything up to around 10 lbs. Getting back into fishing is something we can do during social distancing with Covid-19. Yes, we've hooked a fair number of trees, but we've also discovered that we are way more capable and patient in dealing with the snarls of line than we were when we were kids. It's been refreshing to revisit this. We were able to catch a White Perch, fillet it, and cook it up for dinner that same day. It felt amazing to be able to catch and cook our own food. Not only was it fresh but we were able to provide for ourselves, something which we greatly appreciate. The more that we travel the more self reliant we hope to become, fishing just seems a nice enough place to start.

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