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Foodie Files & The Recipe Game

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It was only a matter of time before we started concocting our own recipes.

After all, we are a couple of foodies and over half the time we are coming up with our own recipes on the fly anyway. Even when we find interesting recipes we play with them and scribble notes in the margins, changing and fine tuning the recipe till it becomes what our taste-buds desire.

Hence, we have added a recipe feature on The Route of It All.

It's growing so bear with us as we add more recipes.

Señor Taco, Knoxville, TN

One thing you will learn about us is that we like to make recipes that are simple.

It's a challenge sometimes but we love the idea of recipes that can be cooked on two burners and don't create a lot of dirty dishes, an homage to RV living and those out there who also believe that something really delicious does not have to be overly complicated. We've been setting the challenge for ourselves to make recipes that are one page, or a large index card. We've stocked the cabinet next to our stove with large index cards and a pen so that we can feverishly scribble down the recipe as we make it up. Honestly, this is such a good exercise for us since most of the things we make in the kitchen are in a constant state of flux. So much in flux that sometimes we even have trouble remembering exactly what we did!

Food is one of the things we love to make a share with friends and family.

To sum it up we'll quote Lionel Bart's musical Oliver, "Magical food, Wonderful food, marvelous food, Beautiful food, Food, Glorious food glorious fooooooood!"

So go check out our recipe section, your taste-buds may just thank you.

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