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Hitting Our First YouTube Milestone

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

YouTube, like most other social media platforms, has milestones.

There are three levels of Creator Awards based on the following subscriber milestones:

Silver is when you reach 100,000 subscribers.

Gold is when you reach 1,000,000 subscribers.

Diamond is when you reach 10,000,000 subscribers.

LOL, we are nowhere near those milestones.

We just hit the 100 subscribers milestone on April 1st of this year. Why celebrate 100?

Before we had 100 subscribers, The Route of It All was just a whole bunch of random numbers and letters as our YouTube address. One of the perks YouTube rewards its channels with when it hits 100 subscribers is its official channel title can now be its address. It means that they realize you are serious enough to no longer be random. Now we are It may seem little to some but it's little things like that which mean a lot to us! It means that our little channel has room to grown and a viewing audience to grow with us.

We love making these videos and are so happy to share them. We're not going to lie. After hours of editing - more like days of editing - to push out a video, it is deflating when it only gets 14 views. But we are growing and not all growth is easy.

The next milestone for us on YouTube is to have 1000 subscribers and 24,000 watch minutes for the year. At that level, YouTube starts sharing its ad revenue with your channel...challenge accepted!

If you haven't clicked the subscribe button on YouTube, you may be asking why should we subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube. The simple answer is ... it's totally free and it helps our channel reach more people. If you like our videos and think what we are doing is interesting, simply share it with others.

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