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Campsite Review: Forkland Campground, Alabama

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

September 2020

In this review you will find a pros and cons list for the campsite.

First of all, Forkland campground is a short but significant drive off the main interstate. The drive was nice country highways with no clearance issues. This is only an observation since being a short distance from main interstates could be a pro or a con depending on your perspective and travel goals.


  • The camp pads were very well maintained and came with nice provisions including an aluminum picnic table, a clean grilling pit, and a wooden prep table.

  • The sites were large and well spaced from your neighbor.

  • The trees near campsites are very well trimmed and provide nice shade without posing a risk to your RV.

  • The hookups were clean and easily accessible from the camp pad.

  • The campground was very calm and quiet, even on Labor Day Weekend ;)

  • No highway noises

  • It has a great boat launch area and is a great spot for fishing.

  • There are shared bank access points behind many campsites.

  • There are nice community spaces like a playground, bathhouse, and covered pavilions for large group gatherings.

  • The dump station is clean and well maintained.

  • There are fun one-of-a-kind chainsaw wood sculptures throughout the campground.

  • Light pollution was minimal meaning good potential for stargazing.


  • There is no cell service in park for T-Mobile users. NOTE: Other campers told us AT&T and Verizon have good coverage.

  • There is only one hiking trail, Songbird Trail, which needs repair. It is very overgrown with trees down and unclear blaze markings.

  • Due to the trails being overgrown, the exposure to ticks and mosquitoes is high!

  • All the bank fishing locations are overgrown and not well maintained.

  • You really need a boat to fish here, there is no fishing pier.


Forkland will always be a special place for us since it was our first Corps of Army Engineers Campsite. It will certainly not be our last! It is a great campsite. We were very impressed with the cleanliness and well maintained nature of the campground but wish the same care was extended to the fishing banks and trail.

to make reservations and see more details about Forkland campground.

To view our experiences at Forkland campground watch our video by clicking the link below,

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