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Favorite Place Highlight: Congress Avenue Bridge

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


We absolutely love kayaking on Lady Bird Lake underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge!

We have done it multiple times. In our minds it is the best way to view the bat colonies that live in the recessed expansion joints under the bridge.

Every evening the bats leave the bridge to fly hundreds of miles to the coast of Texas eating their fill of insects along the way. Large crowds of people gather on the top of the bridge at sundown,

but we think there is something special seeing it from the water. The swirling vortex of bats is easier to see looking up into the dusk sky as they leave the bridge and dart along the treeline.

Words of advice given to us that we now pass onto you,

Keep your mouth closed when you are under the bridge.

This is an established bat colony which means years of guano build up. 

Shout out to Austin company, LIVE, LOVE, PADDLE!

Great way to rent kayaks to tour Lady Bird Lake and see the Congress Avenue bats.

They do kayaking tours! Well worth it, check them out!

Forgive our rough footage, our camera was struggling to focus. It's so much better in person!

Read more about the Congress Avenue bat colony at the link below

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