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Favorite Item Highlight: The Davy Crockett

The Davy Crockett Smoker Grill by Green Mountain Grills

We think its important to note that The Davy Crockett by Green Mountain Grills is our very first favorite item highlight! We purchased the Davy Crockett even before we sold our large Pit Boss barbecue and we do not regret it one bit! We knew that we wanted a way to cook outdoors in our RV and that the RV world was FULL of lots of grilling options. You might have heard of other grills like the Blackstone, the Traeger, or the classic Webber: They are all really nice grills but we decided to buy The Davy Crockett as our first outdoor cooking item. So why did we go with The Davy Crockett by Green Mountain Grills? There were a few factors that encouraged us to specifically get this grill before any other.

The Davy Crockett by GMG:

  • is both a grill and a smoker.

  • uses wood pellets which can enhance the smoked flavor.

  • is well designed.

  • has legs that transform into a carrying handle.

  • folds down into a small enough shape to be easily stored in our RV.

  • has a decent sized grill chamber to hold food for a group.

  • uses 12 volt power.

  • has a built in food thermometer probe to use as an aide in monitoring temperatures.

  • has a Wi-Fi connection to the grill and the food thermometer probe allowing for remote monitoring and control of the grill via Wi-Fi

  • has an app that is really easy to set-up and use on your smart devices.

  • is made of sturdy materials.

  • only weighs 68 pounds.

  • has the ability to use predefined cooking programs

  • allows you to enter your own custom programs based on hold times or internal temperature reading reached by probe

  • has some fun attachments for future investment including a carrying bag(own) and a pizza grill (to be purchased)

  • several other RV groups we follow rave about it and frequently show it in use on their channels!

  • the price is good for its quality and all of its features.

Ok, so that's a lot of good! Now here is some bad: About a month ago Green Mountain Grills changed their grill line and is no longer displaying The Davy Crockett on their website. GMG does not sell complete grills directly to the consumer: We bought our grill through the vendor Pellet Head on Amazon. Thankfully third parties are still selling the Davy Crockett. GMG is making another grill with similar dimensions to The Davy Crockett called The Trek. Unfortunately, The Trek does not have foldable legs and would take up a larger amount of space to store. Thankfully, GMG has a substantial parts section to order from so if and when we need to work on our Davy Crockett grill, at least for the time being, we should be able to order parts directly from GMG. But they don't make it easy to find the parts shop on the GMG website so to get to the GMG Parts Shop just click here- you're welcome!

One of the only complaints we have about the Davy Crockett is that its grates aren't super robust and can be a little challenging to get clean. Thanks to info from Adventure Endeavor we became aware of some aftermarket grates that fit The Davy Crockett and seem to resolve these issues. They are made by TheBBQHQ. If you are like us and are interested in these custom made grates, Adventure Endeavor, has a special code "adventure 10" to help you get a discount upon checkout.

Trapping hot air in the RV from cooking inside can be a disaster. Cooking outside, especially in the summer heat, makes a lot of sense in an RV! The more we use The Davy Crockett Grill, the more we love it!

The bottom line is this grill makes delicious food: We love using this grill and will use any excuse to whip it out!

Special Shout Out to Couchon Cannery! Their Apple Bacon Butt Rub goes good on every type of meat! As you can see, Alicia was really disappointed when we ran out!


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We hope you enjoyed this info on one of our favorite items!

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